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By Ant on Oct 12, 2017 at 11:46 AM
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    Its been a busy ass two weeks. Lets go over all the crap I've been putting off posting.

    Several servers were moved from their original locations to the central area in Chicago. Surf 1-2, surf 3-6, retake 5-6, and deagle only are in a way more suitable location.
    Included in the migration we've also added a new bhop server which should be released today at some point. Points, saveloc and loadloc, paint, crispy clean timer, all on a 128 tick server. We've zoned around 110-120 maps for the initial release of it with way, wayyyy more to come.
    One last thing that changed during the move. Retakes 5-6 will no longer be retakes 5-6. There will be retakes #5 and retakes central. Retakes #5 is the same as all of our other retakes servers, retakes central is identical to the reset except it has !ws, !knife, !gloves, and stats/ranks. This new server is also demonstrating the weapon skins plugin we're going to soon be using on all the servers. With the new plugin you can do things like !ws ak47 to display all ak skins, or try !ws doppler to view all doppler patterns. The new !ws also allows you to enable working stattrak on the selected skin. Type !stattrak while holding the weapon you want stattrak on and your kills will instantly start recording and showing on the weapons stattrak.

    Modified this thing a lot more, added a lot more options for point gain control. Slowly tweaking the minimums and maximums to make sure things are fair.
    We're looking into the option to do a quarterly stat reset, so every 3 months the scores are reset (NOT kills/death, accuracy, shots, etc. Just points) and the top 10 players for that quarter will receive some type of prize (that matches their quarterly place) and a chattag noting their place and what quarter. Tags will not stack, you'll only be able to wear one at a time.

    I havent done much of anything on the website in the past few weeks aside up the value of PGN coin to 300 credits each. Maybe a few smaller things here and there I cant remember. We're working on a new template to make the site prettier, that should come soon. I'll mention it here even though its plastered all over the site: The download server is ass, its moving. Right now its a 50ish user download server on the east coast. We're looking into either getting a good dedi in the central area with really good pipes or we're going to move the static files over to a CDN for ultimate downloading pleasure.

    Other crap:
    Im going to be updating this post as I remember all the other crap I didn't put on it.

    PGN 10 mans:
    We started doing 10mans (5v5 pugs) on our dedicated comp server, anyone interested in playing with some no name terrible players are welcome to join the discord and get in on them. I may setup a cute little pug page where we can go to que to make setting up games easier. The format is random captains are picked, captains veto maps until 1 is left, captains then pick teams. After teams are picked there's a knife round to determine starting sides. ESEA rule set.
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Discussion in 'Updates' started by Ant, Oct 12, 2017.