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So, we're back at it.

Waddup guys, if anyone still pays attention to this site I want to announce we're coming back and hosting CS:GO servers again. We're coming back with all of our most popular servers. AWP, Deagle, 1v1, and our crispy clean retakes. I'm working on everything while working most of the time so it'll be a process that'll take a week or two to complete. For now, awp is fully released and playable, let me know about any issues. Retakes are up but I have a feeling some spawns are going to need to be worked some more. In the meantime PLEASE LET ME KNOW about the crappy spawns by message or by posting on the forums. All I need to know is the map and the issue (spawn location. ex. "This CT spawn on inferno seems too close to b from CT spawn"). Deagle is also on the cooker right now, its currently locked but should be totally playable. Multi1v1 is setup and open for public play, again, let me know if you have any issues while playing in there.

If you're interested in helping with the redeployment, please hop into the servers and give us any feed back. Good or bad, it helps a ton. Grab your friends and jump into a server and let everyone know those servers with the 'as good as counter strike can get' hit reg is back.

The password for any locked server is 123 if you feel like testing!
Add to your favorites NOW.

  • Added missing player models, store skins work.
  • Corrected spawns on most maps. If some things are still broken please let me know.
All servers:
  • Updated gloves plugin, new skins
  • Implemented fastdl CDN thing to serve server files better. CDN uses 3 download servers and automatically selects the best one for your connection/location.
  • Added second central retakes server.
  • Enabled hour checker, people with less and 50 hours and a private profile will not be able to connect to all servers except a few.
  • Some other stuff? Probably?
I'm going to go back to doing these regularly.

For the past few days we've been putting together a trade server and we're probably going to be releasing it really soon! Along with the trade server, our Head Admin Rocco will be doing a knife giveaway to celebrate its release!

Click here for giveaway

The trade map will feature a FFA arena, BHop map, Surf map, screenshot rooms, 12 voice restricted trade rooms, and a massive lobby area.

  • Fixed miner. (snow flakes.........:mad:)
It's been a long year and SOO much work has been getting done thanks to everyone in the STAFF. Phenomenal job by everyone dedicating time and watching over the servers and just genuinely enjoying the playing time. Everyone is greatly appreciated. Fucking outstanding. Next the MEMBERS, PGN wouldn't be the same server without you guys. I strongly believe that our community is starting to stand out in the most unique of ways. Just the fact that we have over 250 members on just the website is INSANE, And we are going to keep growing Because we have the most outstanding gamers alive baby. Love you guys for all this, And on behalf of all PGN I want to wish everyone..

A HAPPY HOLIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can now add music to your profile!

  • Go to user panel
  • Click on Personal Details
  • Scroll down to the Youtube option and add the ID of the song
  • Enter the youtube ID, not full URL