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mdw admin application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by mdw (kawaii btw), Apr 10, 2018.

  1. mdw (kawaii btw)

    mdw (kawaii btw)

    Multi1v1: Rank#2598
    1.mdw (kawaii btw)
    7.Have been in the bhop community for a while, i know a couple of the staff.
  2. <HEART3

    <HEART3 Staff Member Admin

    Deagle: Rank#24
    Multi1v1: Rank#6
    AWP Bhop: Rank#690
    im pretty sure you have to apply for mod first
  3. Illicit

    Illicit Staff Member Admin

    Deagle: Rank#141
    Multi1v1: Rank#64
    AWP Bhop: Rank#330
    You have to apply for mod first
  4. Dylxn


    Deagle: Rank#6493
    Multi1v1: Rank#1032
    AWP Bhop: Rank#16086
    Firstly, you must be a Moderator for a minimum of a Month before applying for Admin, and if you truly want accepted you need to tell us why you deserve to be an admin, why you want it, and how you can help out the server in a positive way. Good luck
  5. Wojo

    Wojo Staff Member Head-Admin

    Deagle: Rank#373
    Multi1v1: Rank#153
    AWP Bhop: Rank#117
    Denied for incomplete requirements