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By Ant on Sep 28, 2017 at 3:05 PM
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    Good afternoon, everyone! Few things to go over moving closer to the weekend.

    Website stuff:
    • I started coding Xencsgostuffx. Xenforo application that hooks into ckSurf, rankme, zeph store, vip, and the steamapi so you'll start seeing information popping up here and there. Its 100% a work in progress, learning xenforo as I go along (incase anyone is wondering, its probably the best CMS I've ever used/developed on). Aside from just adding credits and player ranks to 'message_user_info', in the future it'll extend Xenforo profiles to show all in-game information across all servers. Store inventory, surf times, 1v1 wins/losses, scout 1v1 wins in awp#1, time played across all servers, and anything in between.
    • SDonate port. I started porting sdonate (the page that looks like a completely different website we use to run the donation rewards section) to xenforo. Soon no more double login, entering email, or hideous checkout pages! Yay!
    • Added the function to grant VIP vouchers when you have X amount of PGN Coins. I didn't add the feature in yet because I'm redesigning the miner to be more visually appealing and more functional. Added 'mining modes' for quickly changing the miners resource consumption. You'll be able to click "In-Game" to continue mining with no impact on game performance, or switch it to "Full blast" to mine with every thread at their fullest potential. Dropping new miner after I figure something out with recaptcha.
    • Made "First watcher", a python thingy that does; on the first of every month it'll automatically take the #1 player from the server currently collecting statistics and add 1 month of VIP to their account. I may switch this so that instead it delivers a 1 month VIP voucher. That way if #1 has VIP already they can gift it to a friend or do a give away or something.
    • May add the ability to see server CPU consumption/SRCDS process consumed ram on the website to show off our sexy cores and retarded amounts of system idle.
    • Changed a ton of mysql queries in cksurf. With dummy data loaded into a cksurf db (around 5k fake users and 16x the amount of fake times) all queries completed in less than 0.01 seconds. Less is more, hint hint..
    • Fixed rankme to show points lost each time you actually lose points. No more quick dividing by two to know how many points you lost.
    • Made sdonate log and not reward when it cant connect to the website... that was stupid. (If you've recently moved your site to ssl and didn't switch sdonate API cvars on your servers you should do that asap). Built from zip's sdonate release.
    • Maybe more stuff... who knows anymore.
    • I'll be diving more into sourcepawn the more cancer I get from PHP...
    New hardware:

    We've made the decision to move our central node to an area that other people aside from me consider central. The equipment was ordered and built last week, waiting on the DC to throw us in a rack, give us power and interwebs. With this new node we'll be moving the following servers to the great city of Chicago:

    1. Surf 1-2
    2. Deagle
    3. Retake 5 & 6
    Along with these servers moving and the server running them getting significantly beefier we're adding (within the next week)
    1. Surf 3-6
    2. BHop
    3. Retake with Ranks (Will be like all our other practice retakes but will also have ranks, ws, knives, store credits, etc.)
    4. Scouts knives
    All of this was suppose to happen much earlier in the week but Data Centers don't care about feelings or SLA's soo.... here we are.

    Phew, with all that being said I want to remind everyone why I give a fuck:
    This community is one of my favorite things, period. It has the perfect balance of cancer, aids, artistism, creativeness, intellectualism, and sarcasm I've ever seen. I love every single person in the community, even if my opinion of that person is a little dickless ass dicker. Its every single type of person in this community that makes it. Without the scum arguing with the white knights, without the shitters accusing the good players of cheats, without the people actually cheating, without the constant microaggressions lashed out by red hot retards because someone was too close to them when they died, we would just be another lame gaming community with a bunch of dweebs in braces reporting and getting people banned for saying faggot and shooting their teammates in the face. Between a combination of that and our teams inherent and love to host, manage, secure, and develop for the community and ourselves is why we do this. Nobody here is trying to make money, nobody here is trying to take a position of power to feel better about themselves. If at the end of the day the servers are full and having fun, I don't care if I'm still floating 50% of the cost for them because coding, hosting, and developing is what I've always loved doing. And the fact I'm giving it back to the CS community makes it so much more worth it. We do what we do because of our love (and hate) for the community.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ant, Sep 28, 2017.