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    Trade Server Rules / Info
    1. No racism or discrimination.
    2. No scamming or sharking any kind will be tolerated.
    3. Do not spam voice or text chat.
    4. Do not impersonate staff members.
    5. CS:GO Items only may be traded, no wallet codes, other game items.
    6. Cash Trades must be verified by an admin.
    7. Do not false advertise.
    8. Do not interrupt other players.
    9. Keep all trades in private rooms.
    10. Do not beg for free items.

    All punishments are given at admin discretion
    !room [1-12] - Teleports you in front of a trade room
    !float - Checks a weapons float value
    !guns - Opens a menu where you can select guns from
    !tk [name] - Takes a players knife
    !tw [name] - Takes a players weapon
    !tp [name] - Takes a players secondary weapon
    !profile [name] - Opens a players profile

    !comms - Shows how long you are muted / gagged for
    !models - Choose your player model
    !store - Use your credits to buy accessories
    !credits - Checks how many credits you have

    Features / Info
    • Large lobby / hub area with 12 private trade rooms
    • !store - Includes particle trails, masks, pets and other accessories
    • Fun minigames such as Surf, BHOP, and a Gun arena
    • Price check and High tier rooms
    • Custom screenshot rooms
    • Pattern guides
    • Player models

    The PureGN Trade Server has a custom feature that lets admins question players that may be breaking rules. If you are teleported to a private room and it says that you are being questioned by an admin do not attempt to leave the server or else this will result in a ban from the server. This feature is just to allow admins to privately speak to a player, It does not always mean that you were breaking a rule.
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