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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Boom, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Boom


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    Hey guys I'm Boom.
    For starters if I insult you I am joking...Unless you just hit a nutty shot on me in which case I'm tilted and mean it. For a couple seconds.
    I have been playing on PGN servers for a while now and thought I might get to know the community a bit better. I mainly play on Awp #1, but I am building up some hours in 1v1. I dabble in bhop as well.

    I love booting up CS and heading straight for Awp #1 and seeing who is on, saying hi to friends and making new ones--whether through shitty jokes or copious amounts of swearing.
    Because I decided to get more active in the forums and the discord, I am getting to talk to a lot of hella cool people and having a blast. I hope to have lots more fun. Feel free to hit me up.

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  3. Hops

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    Hi boom i'm hops
  4. Scrubzero


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    Boom is fun to kill because he always calls me a Bitch lol
  5. (^=o.o=^)▀█▀▀█


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    meow meow
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