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    Alright lemme start this off by saying this. I personally think hyper-scrolling is a cheating macro, and a bannable offense. Now heres why:

    1. This type of activity is cheating, no buts about it.
    2. The hyper scrolling cause you to break certain parts of CS:GO that the game was not meant to handle, in turn you can mess up server.
    3. We have banned it on all servers. As it says in our rules.
    4. Don't say you don't have it when we can see, you'll know if you do same as any other macro. If your mouse comes equipded then alright, just keep it off while in any offical PureGN Server.
    5. This includes any of our BHop, Awp, Surf, 1v1 or Retake servers etc.
    While this offense may be valid in our servers you can not get VAC banned on regular matchmaking server, for the reason that you are not injecting anything into CS besides a '+jump' command and that non-sense. You may be overwatched which will lead to a follow up ban from CS:GO.

    While hyper-scrolling on our servers we will warn you at least 2-3 times before being banned. Depending on the severity and maturity of the incident it may be for hours to days to permant.

    This is from a Reddit post to help in a different descripted way if I did not help enough:
    hyperscrollingreddit post 1.PNG


    If you ever are banned for this reason of "Hyper-Scrolling;" please make a forum post in the 'Ban Appeal' Categorie on the Forums tab, I will leave the link here for you: https://puregn.com/forums/ban-appeal.21/

    We have a template for you there, feel free to copy and paste then add your own data. This will then be reviewed by staff for our final desicion on the matter. Best of luck, make sure you are mature, this will be your best chance of being unbanned.
    ~Owen D.
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