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Discussion in 'Approved' started by *JeSTer, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. *JeSTer


    Deagle: Rank#6508
    Multi1v1: Rank#33519
    AWP: Rank#22114
    In-Game Name: Jester*


    Age: 16

    Location/Time-Zone: EST Eastern / Eastern Time Zone Abbreviations

    Playtime: 4 days 3 hours

    Do you have access to a microphone and/or Discord? : Yes, i have access to a microphone and im currently in the discord server.

    scenarios : If someone was mic spamming, i would proceed to verbally warn them about the consequences of being muted and banned, and would politely ask them to stop. if they proceeded to continue with the mic spamming i would follow up with a short mute of about 5-10 mins. if they wished to continue after that i would take the action of applying a longer mute on the player.
    Secondly, if someone was trolling in 1v1, like incorrect and constant language I would warn the player of his wrong doings, and if he proceeds i would apply a 30-60 minute ban.
    Finally, if someone was accused of cheating and using 3rd party software's in 1v1 arenas, i would spectate the accused of player and if I was 100% certain that the player was cheating i would follow up with a permanent ban. ( I will also record all my encounters for evidence)

    Do you have any other experience with CS:GO moderation? : Unfortunately no, as i have not applied for a moderation role in any other servers.

    Why should you be a member of the staff team? : I think i should be a member of the staff team as i am very active on the 1v1 servers, and i think of moderators as the first line of defense against hackers, spammers and trolls. And as a moderator i would make sure to hop between the PGN servers keeping an eye on players, making sure they're following the rules and playing fairly so every player can enjoy there game. Also, as i may only have around 1000 + hours of csgo on my main steam account. But i am very familiar with the game. I can confidently say i am very experienced with csgo.
    Plus, i am able to have a laugh and crack a few jokes myself, as i am not a type a moderator that will ban people instantly as i believe in second chances. :) . ( I am also able to record at 1080p with 60fps with NVIDEA shadow play. As i cannot attach a video of my recording. i will add a link to the video on my you tube channel.
    Finally, i have read the servers rules multiple times and am very confident with pointing out wrong from right with what is aloud in the servers. And i would say i am able to make a fair choice of when to punish people for there actions and when not too. I also have no previous mutes or bans.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application, i hope it meets the requirements. Yours sincerely, Mr. Jester
  2. szK.Amaze


    Deagle: Rank#6508
    Multi1v1: Rank#33519
    AWP: Rank#22348
    Application Accepted PM A Head-Admin and up for you're perms and questions. -Welcome To The Staff Team
  3. Kez


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    Multi1v1: Rank#33519
    AWP: Rank#589
  4. Panther

    Panther Staff Member Admin

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    AWP: Rank#8
  5. Ant

    Ant Staff Member Owner

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    Multi1v1: Rank#184
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    Approved! Perms added.
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