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Should i be mod on AWP 1

  1. Yes(add reason please)

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    Multi1v1: Rank#196
    AWP: Rank#27
    1. In-game name?

    2. Steam ID? (Go onto and put your steam profile link in the search bar.)


    3. Age?

    4. Which server are you applying for?

    Mod for Awp 1 easy bhop

    5. Time played on server?

    On my old account I had about 250 hours on the server before they shutdown.

    6. Reason(s) why you think you will be a good moderator? (min 30 words)

    The main reason I want to become staff is because I have been with the community for a long time now and never got to really do anything but just support the servers by playing on them. I have donated before and have done just about everything I could have done without obviously being staff. Since the servers relaunched I have realized the server is getting new members that sometimes can be bad people using hyper scroll or different hacks/cheats that effect the game for other players. I realize when I join AWP that not many people are on sometimes at night and things like that. I don't talk that much just because I would rather focus on the game but when I do it always to help a player with something. I mean it is quite fun when we have the server almost full and all we hear in chat is "WOW CmC killed me" am I right. I have also been staff on other games which shows I have some experience with staffing. I have matured a lot from last time being on the sever before they got shutdown. I also am not toxic and will not let people get bullied on the server no matter what.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, best regards
    ~Jeff M/18 k's
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