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    Hey guys,

    My name is ZeroPlasma, and I am an admin for AWP server #2. I will explain in more detail how to become an admin. First, you need to post an admin application in the admin section of the forum. Next, your admin application will be verified by a head-admin or any higher power. Your admin application will then appear in the Declined or Accepted sections. If you were accepted, you need to contact Ant so you will get situated on the role and the commands. If you were declined for a minor reason, you can re-apply at a later date when you have more experience on the server.

    Reasons you might get declined: VAC ban(s) on your account, known toxicity, known irresponsibility, not enough hours on our servers or CS:GO, inactivity.

    I hope this guide helped you,

    ZeroPlasma & Deagle
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