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    6. I was talking to Ant (An Owner) the other day and I said that I could show him some scripts to help him get rid of some scripts that other people might use to cheat on the bhop server. One day I've been caught by Ant, scripting by using auto hop on scroll style. I tried to explain to him that he could delete all of map times I have scripted on. I wanted to show Ant or maybe some sort of server devloper what scripts I was using and hopefully that they could get rid of these. Take Note that I had no clue they had systems that had a autoban which detected Patterns and robot like movements from other players. I just simply wanted to help Ant out and wanted him or whoever owned the server in to stop scripters going on the server and get godlike times. Yes I have been caught scriping without permission of me just trying to give an example of what it looks like but i really do apologize for what I have done and promise that I will never do it again. I love Bhoping and think i am pretty good at it, I have gotten some really good times on the pg bhop server. I really do hope one of you guys can lift this ban off me, I have made a mistake and know what I have done wrong. Thank you for your time. sorry for making this long ;p
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    I joined the server discreetly. Prior to that, we've never discussed you showing/explaining any form of cheats (scripts/macros). When I was watching you and verifying you were cheating I actually heard you say "oh wow, my timers not even running". I was watching you for about 5 minutes and you were scripting basically the entire time I was observing you. I can also assume by that statement you had every intention to use your scripts in a legit run to get a record. When I asked you about it you made up some weird reason about how you were going to show me said cheats. If you wanted to show/test cheat against our anticheat you can do so with permission on a development server. Cheating (and lets be clear, scripting/macro'ing/strafe optimizations are considered cheats in the bhop world) is prohibited in all forms on our servers. The style you were in was legit named legit dude...

    Triple B: nvm ty for the ban
    You're welcome.
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  3. Look, I most likely do not have any chance by now getting my ban lifted but I do have one more thing to say. I have made a mistake, a big one which I regretted instantly. I love bhoping and when I started on the pg server I had a lot of fun, but when a lot of people I knew started moving to the Pgn bhop sever I wanted to try it out too. On the pg bhop server I was in the mindset of never getting caught by the admins while using easy strafe scripts, I knew it was wrong but I knew that I would never get caught. What I'm saying is that I went into the pgn server expecting the same thing from the previous server I played on which was basically do whatever you want without getting banned because the admins are brainless and its a broken server. I was in the wrong mindset, I regret what I did to Ant or just the server in general. I really am sorry, I've learned what I've done wrong.
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