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Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Runnin, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Runnin


    AWP Bhop: Rank#16086
    1.Your In-Game Name- Runnin

    2.Your Steam ID- runnincvz

    3.Name of the Admin that punished you- I do not know (it's been like 5 months since ban happened)

    4.Reason why you got punished- "Bhop script"

    5.Length of your punishment- Infinite

    6.Reason why the punishment should be lifted- I feel like my ban should be lifted because I did not know that it was an easy bhop server because my friend just invited me and everyone was just speeding everywhere, so I got confused. Also I did not get a warning (if I was supposed to) and I do not cheat regularly. P.S the cheats downloaded was removed due to me messing around with partitions
  2. Einstein

    Einstein Staff Member Mod

    Deagle: Rank#6493
    Multi1v1: Rank#32
    AWP Bhop: Rank#16086
    @Runnin, what was the original ban that occurred? You were scripting on an ez bhop server? Try to give information upon why exactly you were banned so we can look at this furthermore. Were you using macros, or a program? Thanks man and good luck with your appeal.