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  1. 1.Your In-Game Name- D A N N Y

    2.Your Steam ID- STEAM_0:0:144570581

    3.Name of the Admin that punished you- big man kez

    4.Reason why you got punished- Spammerino

    5.Length of your punishment- 1week

    6.Reason why the punishment should be lifted- Not denying i wasnt spamming and being super obnoxious but 1 WEEEEEEK jesus wasnt that serious, lower the punishment pleaseeeee
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  2. Hops

    Hops Staff Member Admin

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    Why would you spam tho thats the real question ??
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  3. Becuase i like other people to hear my music obv
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  4. Dylxn


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    One week might be a bit excessive but what you did was against the rules and just saying, if you're going to appeal for a ban, please use proper grammar and not type like an idiot.
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  5. Lank

    Lank Staff Member Chief of Administration Admin

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    You knew the rules correct and yet still spammed correct? You will be unbanned when we think you have changed and wont spam again.
    The reason we do this is because if staff isn't on we cant trust you to not spam. Best hope is that you get the ban reversed to a week long mute but I will leave that to Kez to decide.

    Appeal: Denied - for now
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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  6. Your server legit gets like 4people max a day, The fact you ban people like you have a full server everyday just blows my mind, I'll just wait it out, well if the server is still up by that time.
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  7. Ant

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    Lmfao, you're actually an idiot.
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