List and information about all commands.

All servers:
!serversOpens list of all servers with ip, mode, current players, and map.
!websiteOpens this website in the in-game web browser.
!groupOpens our steam group (please join!).
!wsOpens weapons skin menu.
!knifeOpens knife menu.
!glovesOpens gloves menu.
!raffleCredits raffle. Raffle X amount of credits for a chance to double them.
!storeOpens the shop menu.
!coinCredits coin flip. Bet aganist another player in a 50/50 coin flip.
!raffleEnter raffle in beginning of the round for a change to win the pot.
!betBet on T's or CT's to win the round.
!optionsChange various settings. (Left HUD, hide players, sounds, etc.)
!hideHides other players. Repeat command to re-enable
!hidepHides other players particles. Repeat command to re-enable
!gbReturns you to the last stage.
!backReturns you to the beginning of the stage.
!rTeleports you to the start zone.
!topShows the top menu. Select from map, stage, and bonus.
!topSurfersDisplays top surfers.
!maptopShows the map top records.
!stagestop/!stOpen stage time menu, select stage.
!btopDisplays top rankings of the bonus(s).
!profile/!rankSelect player or yourself to view profile.
!pwebDisplays website player profile with extended information. (requires html motd)
!gotoTeleports you to selected player.
!disablegotoBlocks users from going to you.
!measureAllows you to measure between two poitns.
!flashlightEnables flashligh incase you get scared in the dark.
!replayOpens replay bot menu.
!specOpens spectator menu.
!hidechatHides that chat.
!latestShows latest records.
!sUse as !s X. Replace X with stage # to goto that stage
!ncToggles noclip on or off.
!cpCreates a checkpoint.
!pracTeleports you back to last checkpoint.
!savelocCreates a saveloc.
!loadloc XLoads selected location.
!showzonesMakes the zones visible to you.
AWP #1 & #2:
!rankShows your current rank, kd, hsp, and other stats in chat.
!rankmeOpens rankme menu for more detailed stats.
!topShows top list.
!settingsDisplays settings for last man 1v1 no scope duel.