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We're happy to announce 2 additional retake servers have been added to the central area and are ready to go!
  • Updated 1v1 plugin
All servers
  • Updated sourcemod to 6024 to address several new issues from the update(GetTranslatedWeaponAlias)
  • Replaced patched gamedata with official sourcemod gamedata
  • Fixed maps sometimes not cycling properly on retakes, awp1, awp2, and multi1v1
  • Wiped times/points/replays on surf
  • Max start and bonus start zone speed capped at 380
  • Disabled visible zones
  • Disabled knife pickup
  • Disabled map changing hint displaying over timer hud
  • Removed map vote hints/warnings
  • Made vote for map start at beginning of the round.
Multi 1v1
  • Updated plugin (everyone thank splewis for being awesome)
All servers​
  • Added plugin to give servers api for vip creation and time addition
  • Added plugin for sdonate
Awp #2 ​
  • Fixed rankme. Stats are now being tracked.
  • We're going to stick with this style for a while.
  • Steam Authenticator
  • Forums ready for action
  • Groups and stuff done.
Moving away from wordpress, but still being lazy as hell, xenforo is here to help me unfuck the website without coding it from the ground up (its probably going to happen eventually). Aside from just setting up the CMS, making it look pretty, and changing all the settings that need to be changed, I need to create the stats pages and extend the member profiles of Xenforo to include stats collected from the servers.