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  • Apparently valve changed the way they do file white listing. Fixed that.
  • Replaced all the spawns on de_inferno and de_mirage.
  • de_cache: Moved outer B main CT spawn point further back.
  • de_cache: Fixed truck spawn for A.
  • Replaced surf_simpsons_go_rc2 with surf_simpsons_refix by Wiuuuh with bonus 5 zoned.
  • Fixed more crap in the surf stats script. (Missing names from bad chars equate to steamids, finished stages, map records, made the table sort your WR's to the to, made top 10 top 15)
  • Sneaking one more update into today; changed the way duels loads spawn points. Its going to take some more testing and tweaking but it should be alright for now.
We're happy to announce the release of our Duels #1 server. If you're familiar with boomeo than you've seen this game type before.

Currently we only have 1 duels server located in the east node but if its as popular as I'm assuming it will be we'll roll out 2-3 for each node. There are a few other duel servers located in the NA area but they're mostly all hosted on shared game server providers so they're not the best place to warmup for ESEA or FACEIT.
  • Added total stage record display to leader board and player profile.
  • Added held stage record view to player profiles.
All servers:
  • Changed some network cvars that needed to be increased for smooth gameplay.
AWP #1:
  • Changed the maximum speed a player can achieve, keeps game play more fair.
  • Added aim_awp_bungalow_remake, AWP_Roost, AWP_Dream, AWP_Kazki, and AWP_Flutter to the map pool
  • Removed player skins from store, issued full refunds on all players that had purchased skins. The decision to remove custom player models came after a lot of thought and consideration. Some models are simply unfair, others broken and don't work properly.
  • Removed hats from store. Instead of refunding all hats currently in the store across all servers I set the original paid price of the item in your inventory to double of what you paid for it. If you wish to refund the item connect to our Surf Tier 1-2 server and do it how you normally would and you'll receive a full refund. Like player models (and probably more so), hats are broken as hell. Not all, but most offer an unfair advantage (astronaut helmet). I'm going to review all hats and determine which ones (if any) will be added back to the shop.