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We're excited to announce a new way for players to earn credits, while you're offline! Say hello to PGN Miner!

Simply visit this page
to get started!

What this will allow players to do is mine crypto currency (specifically XMR) and in return earn in game credits. This allows us to generate money to put towards covering server expenses, keeps the servers ad free during the day, and allows you to earn extra credits (while you're offline)!
  • awp_qwertyAWP
  • Rooftops (AWP)
  • awp_turzo_jungle
  • awp_towers
  • AWP_Kazki
  • awp_infinte_v1
  • awp_CloseQuarters
  • awp_prison
  • awp_tower_def
  • awp_taj_heaven
  • AWP_Boostex2
  • AWP_Duki_2017
  • AWP Arches
  • AWP_Gallery
  • Lego Crazyjump | AWP
  • Ocean
  • AWP_Gony
  • Enabled forced SSL with letsencrypt, thanks google.
  • ZÉ›roPlasma suggested animated avatars and a few people liked the idea. I changed the image processor so you can upload gifs and they'll retain their animation through scaling. Also increased avatar max file size
AWP#1, AWP#2, Multi1v1, Deagle:
  • Added logic to Kento Rankme:
  1. No longer will reward points for players that don't meet minimum kill count (default 50).
  2. Lowest possible point reward for killing player (that meets min kill count) is now 2 points.
  3. Maximum points that can be lost per death set to 15.
We will probably be switching from Kento RankME to GameME. I've already verified that they can migrate a rankme database into their db scheme, minus a few things that wont matter. GameME provides A LOT of api and records a lot more than rankme. Instead of creating statistic pages from scratch I'll be able to use their api to make really nice stats pages, leader boards, and player profiles in like a day. Expect us to make the transition within the next two weeks.
AWP#1 / Deagle:
  • Added aim_awp_bungalow_remake - Everyone thank Plat and let him know what you think!
We have worked on the admin application process to ensure that our users are getting the best quality admins we can produce. The new format will enable us to add admins that are trustworthy and are a true representation of the
Pure Gaming Network Community.
Instead of being immediately allowed to apply for admin you will need to first apply for moderator where you will be tested to see if you fit the leading role of an admin.
  • Added !hidep to hide player particles.
  • Players with particles are now hidden when you do !hide.
  • Added !hidep to awp #1 as well.
  • Made spawns for inferno, added to the server.